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Lamar Aviation is a flight training site written for instrument pilots whocare deeply about maintaining proficiency in IFR aviation and who arewilling to exercise their brains on a regular basis to prove it! The siteis funded by Marco Bitran, who is an avid aviator. Even though Marco, wholives in Boston, MA, is not currently flying (work and family time seem toconstantly crowd this out!) he enjoys simulator time weekly and is often onX-Plane and PilotEdge with his Baron BE58. This site is packed with advicefrom resources all over the web.

Marco Bitran Education


  • Science degree in Electrical Engineering, with a minor in Economics. Selected to Eta Kappa Nu, Tau Beta Pi and Sigma Xi National Honor Societies.


  • Master in Business Administration degree, June 2003. Awarded First Year Honors.
  • An entrepreneur who has started different businesses in technology, finance and real estate fields.

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